Amanda Sant

Recycled Sensory Toy Activity

What if I told you that there was a socially conscious, intellectually engaging activity that used things you probably already have in your classroom? The jackpot, no?
Well here it is. Using an empty water bottle, you can create an engaging sensory toy for kids of all ages. 
Sensory toys are those that engage one or more of the senses at a time and are very effective at helping children learn and grow. While a lot of toy companies would have you think that this means you need to spend a lot of money or time making a fancy toy, you can really engage children’s senses with simple toys and activities. 
For example, the sensory glitter water bottle! Just add water, a few drops of dish soap, glitter (or another water resistant material), glitter glue (or regular glue), food coloring, and water to a used water bottle! Voila! 
Give it to your students to make music, play a game with colors, or let them watch the glitter float when they have big feelings and need to relax. 
One of the best things about using materials already available in your classroom is that you are cutting down costs while also showing students the value of reusing materials. You could develop a whole unit about reusing and recycling by inviting children to think creatively about how to play with things they already have around them. Consider sending home a recipe card with your students to show your parents how dedicated you are to recycling. You can also invite them to create toys at home of their own and bring them to class to share! 
We want to make this easy on you, so we are including a downloadable handout with the recipe to consider sending home to your parents! Happy playing!