Exploring Professional Friendships as Communities of Support for Early Childhood Educators, by Dr. Diane Kashin

  • Producer: Fran Simon, M.Ed and Early Childhood Investigations Webinars
  • Presenter: Dr. Diane Kashin
  • Credit: 2 training hours / 0.2 CEUs
  • Audience: Early Childhood Educators

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Learning Outcomes

  1. profession people feel alone as they navigate their professional journeys
  2. inspiration and support
  3. trial and error with less-than-optimal amounts of opportunities
  4. reimagine relationships with colleagues


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Yes! We are happy to announce that, due to popular demand, we will now be offering bundles for centers and individuals who would like to pre-purchase multiple Certificates + CEUs. Pre-purchasing Certificates + CEUs will simplify group or center training and will allow individuals to pay upfront for multiple Certificates + CEUs. 

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