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Potty Training Webinar

Topics Include:

  • Stages of potty training
  • How to successfully prompt
  • Praising vs rewarding
  • Communicating needs with parents
  • And much more!


September 23rd: 6:30-8:30 pm CST

$20 for 2 training hours

Idaho: If eligible, apply for a scholarship on your Rise portal and attend for free!
To register for the Potty Training Webinar pay and email You will then be emailed a zoom link.

Topics Include:

  • Stages of Potty Training
  • How to Successfully prompt
  • Praising vs Rewarding
  • Communication with parents
  • And much more!

Become an Expert

Leave this webinar feeling confident of how to help the children at your center and how to communicate potty needs effectively to parents.
Meet the instructor

Jill Bertelsen

Jill has a bachelors degree in Marriage and Family, a certified Gentle Sleep Consultant, certified "Oh Crap" potty training consultant, wife, and mother of two. She is the founder of Bertelsen Education and loves to provide professional development to childcare providers. She has helped 100+ families overcome the sticky milestone of potty training!
Patrick Jones - Course author