Continuous Quality Improvement

Meet the ARPA Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) grant requirements with our CQI training bundle. Purchase practical, engaging, and customizable training for all of your teachers in one place. 
Become better

24 hours of training

Get access to ARPA funds through the CQI grant by completing our interactive self-paced training. Includes activities, discussion boards, and knowledge checks that you can do on any device.

Automated Certificates

As soon as you finish the course you are awarded a CEU and training hour certificate. As a director if you want to access all of your staffs certificates you can add on the admin portal for $50.

Online Zoom Sessions

Meet CQI grant requirements and attend up to 4 trainings via Zoom with a live coach!  Dive into your goals and do case studies as a group.

Free Parenting Courses

Give parents at your center access to quality parenting content. Free with your purchase!
  • Sleep Coaching 101
  • Potty Training 101
  • Newborn Basics
  • Baby Sign
  • And More!

Fillable training plan with courses already listed for you to customize and upload into your World Class application.

Get started today with a $50 refundable deposit

We understand that getting all of your staff to do training before May 15th can seem difficult. 
Get started with a $50 deposit and get it refunded once you pay for the training with CQI money.
Don't let approval time slow your staff down from getting started!

Fully Customizable

Not all of your staff need the same training. Choose our bundle of 24 hours and/or customize it with any of our training hours.

Over 40+ Experts 

All of our courses are Internationally accredited (you automatically get CEUs with no extra charge), peer reviewed, and created by professionals in different fields.

Customize your Training

Want to include a different topic than what we suggested? Great! Check out all of our courses and choose which ones you want.

Free Parenting Courses

One of our biggest focuses is on Families. This is why we include FREE parenting courses for all of your families with this bundle for your center.

Suggested Course Bundle:

  • Understanding Diversity and Promotion of Inclusion
  • Parents: The Foundation
  • Address your stress
  • Connect before you Correct
  • Building Trust with Parents through Engagement
  • Advocating for Children
  • Realizing Risk and Creating Calm
  • DAP: In Action - Creating a Caring, Equitable Community of Learners
  • Having Hard Conversations
  • Teaching Self-regulation and Self-esteem
  • Developmental Delays and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Understanding and Recognizing the Signs
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After you pay you will be able to customize the package by choosing from 100+ training hours.
Offered in both English and Spanish.

How do I get Started?

1 - Pay and register
Once you pay you'll be directed to enter in the names and emails of your staff. You'll need to submit your training plan to your World Class portal.
*No need to wait for your CQI money, start today with a $50 refundable deposit.
2 - Take the training
Within 1-2 business days your staff will receive emails (check spam/ promotions) requesting them to set up their account. All of their courses will be listed in their profile. They will also be emailed optional upcoming webinars they can attend.
*Once your CQI money comes in you can pay for the training and get your $50 deposit back.
3 - Verifiy the training
As your staff completes their courses, their certificates of completion will automatically be stored in their individual profile.
Or you can access them with a purchase of the admin portal +$50.
Download and send those certificates into your ELC to verify you took the training. 

A sneak peak at the training and admin portals

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Demo of Platform

Check out what the platform and courses are like.
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Admin Reports

See your staffs progress and access their certificates all in your admin portal. This is an optional service and is $50 extra. 
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