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Earn IACET CEUs through Bertelsen Education for training from Early Childhood Investigations Webinars.
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Partnering to imrpove ECE

How it Works

Attend a free webinar from Early Childhood Investigations Webinars. Follow the link at the end of the webinar to Bertelsen Education's website.

Pay only $3, take a short quiz, and receive your certificate and CEUs through Bertelsen Education.

You can always come back to view all of your certificates.

 It's as simple as that. 

The Early Childhood Investigations Mission

ECIW's goal is to offer free professional development opportunities that transcend the obstacles of distance, time, and money by offering conference-quality early childhood webinars.

ECIW wants to spark discussion in the early education community, and engage and motivate directors and teachers.

About ECIW

Early Childhood Investigations is a ongoing series of conference-quality free webinars for early childhood educators. The series is produced by Fran S. Simon, M.Ed., Chief Engagement Officer of Engagement Strategies, LLC. These engaging webinars are presented by many of the thought-leaders and experts in the field of early care and education. The webinars explore critical topics that offer new ideas and insights to early childhood professionals, especially administrators.
Of course, presenting free webinars would not be possible without sponsorship. ECIW could not make their webinar series work without the selfless contribution of content and time from presenters and the generous financial support of sponsors.

Collaboration: A Pillar of Bertelsen Education

At Bertelsen Education, we believe that the best work is created when we come together. 

Better Access

Together, ECIW and Bertelsen Education are working to offer more trainings and certifications to more ECE professionals, taking the complexity out of professional development. 

Collaboration Improves ECE

Bertelsen Education is excited to partner with quality professional development content producers—like Early Childhood Investigations Webinars—to offer CEUs to more students.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I attend the webinars?

You will register and attend the webinar through ECIW's website.

Who is giving me the certificate and CEU?

CEUs are granted by Bertelsen Education. 

What training is offered?

Please see ECIW's website for a list of training offered.

How do I pay? How much does it cost?

You will pay before you take the CEU quiz. To pay you will need a credit card. If you do not have a credit card, follow the link below the sign up button for the quiz to fill out a form to pay another way.

What is your contact information?

If you need assistance with the Bertelsen Education website, email support@bertelseneducation.com.

If you need to contact ECIW, visit their contact page.

Where can I find my certificate after I take the quiz?

Once you've received a certificate of completion, it is saved to your profile, and you can go back to view or download it at any time.
Login using the username and password you created at checkout.
Choose View my profile and courses to go to your profile page.
Scroll to Achievements section, find the blue trophy PDF icon with the course title.
Click to download the certificate to your device.
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Need Help?

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