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Bertelsen Education is Hiring!

Apply to be an instructor and help families by providing quality continuing education.

Work From Home

Create a course from the comfort of your own home. All meetings will be held via Zoom.

Choose Your Compensation Type

Flexible payment options! When your course does well, you do well!

Support Families

Create curriculum for childcare providers so they can improve their care to future generations.

Make a Difference

Influence the culture of a childcare facility. Your perspective is valuable!

Are you a good fit?

Skills and qualifications:
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

  • Bachelor's degree or certificate in subject you will teach
  • Three or more years of experience or education in subject you will teach
  • Demonstrates continual improvement/education in the subject you will teach. This is shown through continuing education certificates etc. Waived if the instructor has received a degree or has had consistent experience in the field within the past three years
  • Basic understanding of Zoom and other presentation/recording software
  • Proficiency in Google Slides, Zoom and other basic recording software
Write your awesome label here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really work from home?

Absolutely! Everything you do can be done from the comfort of your own home. But don't feel like you are on your own! We will have periodic Zoom meetings to ensure you feel supported and empowered!

What topics will I teach?

Here is a list of courses we hope to develop soon. If any of these appeal to you, be sure to apply!
Reading and literature with infants and toddlers
Managing mixed age groups in child care settings
Separation anxiety
Bullies: how to prevent and manage their behavior
Understanding and responding to biting
Moving and grooving: motor skills and movement
Every child is unique
Helping children handle anger
Classroom environment: setting the stage for learning and play
Theories and principles of child development

I've never created a course before, will there be training provided?

Training is provided! You will be coached by an instructor supervisor who will be there to answer any questions you have. The executive team has also created an instructor course to help you settle in to your role as an instructor.

How does compensation work?

You will be compensated for your course by receiving a lump sum up front and a commission every time your course is completed by a student.