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Bertelsen Education

Supporting families and childcare providers through continuing education
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Meet the Bertelsens

Justin and Jill Bertelsen founded Crib Coaching LLC after sleep training their first child, Ross. After many sleepless nights, Jill sought the help of a sleep expert. She already had a background in Marriage and Family Studies, but when she learned about a sleep certification program she decided this new course could really help her family. That experience planted a passion for parent education in Jill. 

While hosting a parenting class, Jill learned how important and challenging it can be to get parents and childcare providers on the same page. From there, she and Justin launched Bertelsen Education where they provide continuing education training to childcare providers and offer support to parents. 

The Bertelsens live in Idaho with their three children and dog, Smokey.

The Bertelsen Education Team

Meet Beatriz

Jill Bertelsen

CEO, Founder

Jill is the captain of day to day activities at Bertelsen Education. She makes it all go. Her hobbies include watching cheesy Hallmark movies, spending time with her lovely family, and playing the piano.

Meet Viktor

Justin Bertelsen


Justin manages all things marketing in Bertelsen Education. He is the big picture dreamer that helps move BE to the next level! In his free time, Justin likes to travel, spend time with his family and watch major league baseball.

Meet Beatriz

Alison Eves

Chief Tech Officer

Alison is the backend guru. She makes sure the website works just like it should. Her technical expertise is invaluable to Bertelsen Education's mission of improving childcare. She loves to bake, code, and go on bike rides with her husband and daughters.

Meet Alysia

Amanda Sant

Technical Writer

Amanda manages all things communication. From grants and accreditations to emails and social media—if you are reading it, she probably wrote it. Amanda loves to read, travel, and spend time with her husband and son. 

Meet Alysia

Tiffany Turner

Growth Manager

Tiffany is the face of BE. She is the person who makes things happen for our customers. Her over 20 years of experience in ECE help her understand her customers in a way no one else could. She loves to cook, dance, and spend time with her family.

Meet Alysia

Sam Boyle

Customer Engagement Specialist

Sam manages communication with customers and makes all of their professional development dreams come true! She also co-hosts Out of Ratio with Bertelsen Education, the BE podcast. In her spare time, Sam loves to play games of all kinds, read, and craft. 

Meet Alysia

Sarah Steffen

Strategic Partnership Manager

Sarah works collaboratively with partner organizations to meet their training needs and to find gaps in the industry that our product can help fill. In her spare time, Sarah coaches soccer and loves spending time with her two sons.