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At Bertelsen Education, we believe that the best ideas come from thinking beyond the norm and that every voice in the education community deserves to be heard. From passionate educators to influential advocates and experts, we're bringing together a diverse range of voices to share their insights and wisdom. Let's get started!
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Meet Your Hosts
Justin, Jill, and Samm

Justin is a thought leader in every sense of the phrase and is eager to help breathe life into new ideas in ECE that will help innovate and improve the space for all.
Samm brings years of formal education and in-center experience to Out of Ratio and is eager to help foster a community of understanding and joy amongst her fellow ECE professionals.
Jill is a subject matter expert in all things marriage and family and child development and is excited to bring conversations with experts in the field to the front of the ECE world.

Content that Connects You

There is no better group of people than teachers— and we are better together! Laugh and learn with us as we explore the unique perspectives of ECE educators.
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With Special Guest...

Hear from some of your favorite voices in ECE, or find a new voice to love. 

Norma Schwartz

Maryann Harman

Robyn Perlman

Ty & Brittney Weber

Nancy Marin

Maisah Williams-Foote

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