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Creating Successful Sleep for Infants + Safe Sleep

Keep the littlest ones in your childcare facility safe and snoozing with this interactive course.

Jill Bertelsen


2 Hours
0.2 CEU's


$ 20

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Learning outcomes:

  1. Construct routine for children to promote better health, learning, and prevent nightmares and night terrors.
  2. Describe hormones needed to sleep well and how to set up naps to enhance sleep.
  3. Identify signs of an overtired child and know how to implement better sleep.
  4. Recognize safe sleep practices and design a safe sleep policy
  5. Execute effective communication skills with parents about their child's sleep

What is included?

6 Instructional Videos
3 Discussion Boards
3 Activities
4 Interactive Resources 
7 Quizzes
1 Final Exam
1 Certificate
Meet the instructor

Jill Bertelsen

Hi, I am Jill, the instructor for this course. A little bit about me, I have a Bachelor's in Marriage and Family Studies, am a Certified Gentle Sleep Consultant, a Certified Potty Training Consultant, a mother of 2, and I love Reese's candies. My husband, Justin, and I are the owners of Bertelsen Education, and are excited for you to take this class. Let's get started!
Patrick Jones - Course author