Mentor Course 2: A Deeper Dive into Reflective Practice in Action

  • Provider: Housman Institute
  • Instructor: Dr. Donna Housman
  • Training Hours: 2 hours
  • Audience: Early Childhood Educators

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify Reflective Practice outcomes for mentees, children, and families
  2. Determine Reflective Practice language, strategies, and steps for promoting outcomes for mentors and in mentees, children, and families
  3. Evaluate ways that Reflective Practice can be adjusted, corrected, and/or improved to fit the specific needs, challenges, and experiences of mentees
  4. Determine ways that mentees can incorporate Reflective Practice language, strategies, and steps into their teaching practices to support children, families, and mentees
  5. Create a plan for using Reflective Practice language and steps to address the individual needs and challenges of mentees, and support mentees in incorporating Reflective Practice into their teaching

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