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Bertelsen Education is the official provider of CEUs for Housman Institute. You can earn IACET CEUs through Bertelsen Education for training from Housman Institute.
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Partnering to imrpove ECE

How it Works

Take a training through Housman Institute's platform.

Follow the link at the end of the course to register, take a quiz, and receive your CEUs through Bertelsen Education.

The Housman Institute Mission

Our vision is to have a world where we can empower our next generation with the building blocks of emotional intelligence for lifelong learning, mental health, well-being, and success.

Who is Housman Institute?

Housman Institute is an early childhood educator training, professional development, and curriculum organization backed by over 35 years of experience, implementation, and peer-reviewed research. 

Housman Institute goes beyond traditional SEL with ECSEL (Emotional, Cognitive, and Social Early Learning), an approach that supports children from birth in developing the important skills of emotional intelligence, starting with training educators first.

Collaboration: A Pillar of Bertelsen Education

At Bertelsen Education, we believe that the best work is created when we come together. 

Better Access

Together, Housman Institute and Bertelsen Education are working to offer more trainings and certifications to more ECE professionals, taking the complexity out of professional development. 

Collaboration Improves ECE

Bertelsen Education is excited to partner with quality professional development content producers—like Housman Institute—to offer CEUs to more students.

Frequently asked questions

Do I take the Housman Institute course on bertelseneducation.com?

No. You will complete coursework through Housman Institute. When you complete the course, you will follow a link in the course to Bertelsen Education to complete a quiz and receive your CEU certificate. Please see Housman Institute's website to learn more.

Who is giving me the CEU?

CEUs are granted by Bertelsen Education. 

What training is offered?

Please see Housman Institute's product catalog for a list of training.
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