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Mindfulness for Preschoolers

Learn several mindfulness practices and exercises that you can use with preschoolers in your classroom. 

Jennifer Flippo


1 Hour
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Learning outcomes:

  1. Define mindfulness and why its practice is beneficial.
  2. Understand how mindfulness improves wellness in preschoolers.
  3. Describe two methods of mindfulness practice in the classroom.
  4. Summarize several curriculum components for use in the classroom.

What is included?

4 Instructional Videos
4 Discussion Boards
2 Activities
2 Interactive Resources 
4 Quizzes
1 Final Exam
1 Certificate
Meet the instructor

Jennifer Flippo

Dr. Flippo is a pediatric nurse practitioner with over two decades of experience caring for children and promoting their physical and emotional wellness. Her areas of expertise include mental health management, social justice policy, and parenting support.
Patrick Jones - Course author