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Potty Training in Childcare 101

Potty Training is messy business. Learn to collaborate with parents to help children reach this crucial milestone. Understand the equipment, setup and basics of potty training as well as how to identify how each child develops as an individual.
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2 training/clock hours
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0.2 CEUs
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Ages 1-5 years
  1. Identify how to support parents as they prepare to start potty training their child
  2. Identify how to support parent's potty training efforts when the child is at daycare
  3. Recognize techniques, methods and benefits of encouraging children to be internally motivated to potty train
  4. Outline how to deal with challenges that may come up during potty training, especially regarding poop
  5. Outline how to support parents through the potty training process, when to reset, and understand how to effectively communicate with parents
Bertelsen Education courses are internationally accredited through IACET.
This course counts towards the following CDA Core Competencies:
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1 - Planning a Safe and Healthy Learning Environment
This course counts towards the following NAEYC Standard(s):
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5 - Health
7 - Families
Meet the instructor

Jill Bertelsen

Hi, I am Jill, the instructor for this course. A little bit about me, I have a Bachelor's in Marriage and Family Studies, am a Certified Gentle Sleep Consultant, a Certified Potty Training Consultant, a mother of 2, and I love Reese's candies. My husband, Justin, and I are the owners of Bertelsen Education, and are excited for you to take this class. Let's get started!

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I have never potty trained a child before. So giving advice to parents about what the next step will be much easier and have more confidence to give to them.
Teacher, Iowa
This course gives me confidence to communicate with parents and assist with the potty training journey.
Teacher, Missouri
It cleared up some myths that I have heard my whole life about potty training. I've gained a fresh outlook. Thank you
Teacher, Missouri
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