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Bertelsen Education is excited to partner with Early Childhood Investigations Webinars to offer Bertelsen Education users access to weekly webinars from experts throughout ECE! Join any Early Childhood Investigations Webinar for free and then earn CEUs with Bertelsen Education. 

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Mean Girls (and Boys!): Why Kids Act In Unkind Ways and How To Help, Claire Lerner, LICSW

Inclusive Sensory-Rich Nature Play for Children’s 7 Senses, by Jena Ponti Jauchius, PLA, CPSI

Creating Culturally-Centered Nature-Based Programs, by Ashley Brailsford, Ph.D.

Coaching Your Team to Execute Family Engagement, by Lisa Henkel, CFE and Mike Hook

Coaching Early Educators for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Belonging, by Anni K. Reinking, Ed.D. and Laycee Thigpen MS.Ed.

Natural Playscape Makeover! Practical Design Tips for Supporting Child-Directed Play In Natural Spaces on Any Budget, by Rusty Keeler

Learn the Secrets Recruiters Use to Find Staff Online! by Lauren M. Small and Virginia Marsh


Participants in Early Childhood Investigations Webinars can earn Certificates + CEUs for just $3 per webinar.
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You can enjoy the benefits of our Annual membership with Bertelsen Education. The membership includes access to all of our courses plus access to all of Early Childhood Investigations’ webinars.

About Early Childhood Investigations Webinars

Early Childhood Investigations is a ongoing series of conference-quality free webinars for early childhood educators. The series is produced by Fran S. Simon, M.Ed., Chief Engagement Officer of Engagement Strategies, LLC. These engaging webinars are presented by many of the thought-leaders and experts in the field of early care and education. The webinars explore critical topics that offer new ideas and insights to early childhood professionals, especially administrators.
Of course, presenting free webinars would not be possible without sponsorship. ECIW could not make their webinar series work without the selfless contribution of content and time from presenters and the generous financial support of sponsors.
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