Teacher Course 6: Empathy, Inclusivity & Prosocial Behaviors

  • Provider: Housman Institute
  • Instructor: Dr. Donna Housman
  • Training Hours: 2 hours
  • Audience: Early Childhood Educators

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify the developmental trajectories and outcomes of empathy, inclusivity, and prosocial behaviors
  2. Analyze learning opportunities that help children learn to share, take turns, take initiative, learn perspectives of others, share ideas, work both collaboratively and individually, and understand and respect differences
  3. Use begin to ECSEL philosophy, practices, and principles to support children in developing empathy, inclusivity, and prosocial behavior in the classroom
  4. Demonstrate empathy during social interactions to build positive relationships with children and families, and include families in collaborating to foster an inclusive classroom community
  5. Examine techniques for creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment for families and students that helps children learn about different cultures, languages, family structures, abilities, etc.

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